Kids MiniX

On the Day

Located at Arrowtown, beside the Chinese settlement, the courses will vary by distance and difficulty, depending on age groups. It will be off road, and generally on established tracks (mt biking / walking). Kids need to be confident on a two wheeler bike. The courses are unsuitable for trainer wheels.

Whilst the event is primarily aimed at 5 - 14 year olds, children younger or older can participate. For those under 5 years they must be competent off road on a two wheeler.

The courses will be categorised as below:

Short – aimed at younger kids and those new to off road riding, recommended for 7 years and under; Approximate distance 2.5 kms. Leaves Butler Green and loops downstream on trail and then back through the trees on old trail and into arena.

Medium – aimed at 7 – 9 years, who have done some off road riding; Approximate distance – 4kms.  This course goes upstream across Bush Creek and as far as the old ice skating ring before going downstream across Bush Creek again and about 1km down from Butler Green along the trail and return. Note there are two small river crossing on this course.

Long – minimum age 9 years, kids who are confident riders and reasonably fit; Approximate distance 7kms. One complete loop and a half. Note there are two small river crossing on this course.