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Course Details

Triathlon course
Swim 300m Bike 15km Run 5km
Swim 300 metres in Lake Hayes. This section will have a safety boat to provide backup, and a buoy will be put on the lake a week out if you want to train.

Swimmers are equally divided in two groups and swim towards a turn around buoy situated 150 meters from the shore, in order to avoid collisions at the start.

The bike section starts from the Lake Hayes grounds, through the internal paved bike lane onto the Arrowtown Lakes Hayes road towards Arrowtown. It turns left into Speargrass Flat Road, and then U turn to ride back to the Lake Hayes Showground.

The running section will be along the shore of Lake Hayes on the walking track, thus avoiding running on the road all together.

Duathlon course
Run/walk 1.5km, Bike 15km, Run/walk 5km
Run 1.5km on Lake Hayes Track.
The rest of the course is the same as the triathlon above: bike on the Lake Hayes / Arrowtown Road, turn left into Speargrass Flat Road, ride 3.4 kms and U-turn to ride back to Lake Hayes. This section is mainly flat and course marshals will be on each corner to direct you; Run or Walk 5kms on Lake Hayes Track back to the finish line.

If you need a little help, and some ideas on how to train, download our program here training program. Although it is set for a 12 weeks period, it can be adapted if you no longer have the time.

Rules can be also found on this link, please read carefully general rules and also the Competitor Briefing is found there as well.

Course Safety Information
At registration you will also have available all the information you need for the Duathlon and Triathlon but please read carefully now as it contains information for your safety, and reminds you of your obligations and responsibilities.

Raise hand for assistance
Safety boats on the lake

Beware of your speed, you may be going faster than you think!
A very important note: be extremely careful coming back onto the Arrowtown Lake Hayes road from Speargrass Road and when crossing the Arrowtown road back onto the Lake Hayes grounds: follow the marshals' instructions at all times.
Helmets must be worn at all times
Ride with respect to the conditions
Normal road rules apply: You must follow road rules at all times (keep left) and be safe with sharing the road with other vehicles
No bikes to be ridden in transition area at any stage
Any style of bike can be used, as long as they are road worthy

Transition area
Athletes only in transition area
No bikes to be ridden in transition area at any stage
Please be mindful of children and dogs
Do not remove any of your equipment from transition until instructed by a marshal, or until after the last athlete has finished

There will be one water stop at the run turn around, and at the finish line
Make sure you have a water bottle for the bike section

Please be mindful or your property, we do not provide security. In case you would have lost some gear, contact us at the office after the event.

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