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Date for 2018: 11th August
The South Island’s biggest winter multisport event in its 25th year attracts a strong field of multisport competitors from around the South Island.  Individuals and teams race by ski/ snowboard, mountain bike, kayak, foot and road bike from the top of the Remarkables Ski Area to Coronet Peak.
The course encompasses snow covered mountains, steep gravelled and tarmac ski field access roads, State Highways and tarmac rural roads, public reserve, public walking / cycling tracks, and Lake Wakatipu.
The event will generally be held in all conditions.

Event date: Saturday 11th Aug 2018

How to Enter:        download and complete an entry form  and send it to by 1200 Friday   or enter at Torpedo7 Frankton, or at the Remarkables


Entries will also be available at Remarkables Park Torpedo7 Friday night (10th Aug) and Remarkables Saturday morning (11th Aug) before 11:00
OR  download and complete an entry form and bring with entry fee to:
Remarkables between 10:00 - 11:00

Divisions: Teams
Open teams - fast and furious  - out for the title (ringers allowed)
Business house teams - all employed by same company
Womens teams, - mmm obvious I think
Mixed teams - any combination  male and female but at least one of each sex
Vet teams - all members 40+
School team division - a school team consists of students up to 18yrs old
Junior School Teams ie 10-11-12-13yr olds  (Rules for Junior School Teams)

Individual divisions for  Male, Female,  Vet Male (40+), Vet Female (35+) and Junior (16-19yrs)

Entry fee
Individual: $70
Team of 2: $120
Team of 3: $150
Team of 4: $180
Team of 5: $220
School team: $120 (a school team consists of students up to 18yrs old).
Junior School Team: $120 (a junior school team consist of students 10-11-12-13yrs)

Late entries on the day, add $10 for an individual and $20 for a team.
All costs on this web site are in New Zealand dollars.
Confirmation of entry and a full briefing sheet will be sent on to email address only.

Course Map
Click here for the full course map

Click here for Ski Map for 2018

Click here for  ski / bike changeover

Click here for Runners Map in town
Click here for Runners map up the Gorge

Click here for Runners Notes

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Competitor Info / Briefing sheet

Race Day 2018: 11th August

 Entries are still open open.
Entries online are open. Entries will be available at Torpedo7 Remrakables Park on Friday night 10th Aug and Remarkables Saturday morning (11th) before 11:00

Scroll down for Rules for Junior School Teams

Competitor Briefing Sheet
(compulsory to read and comply with, see waiver below, or click here to download)

Registration at Torpedo7 in Remarkables Park store (where the Warehouse use to be
Park Town Centre   12 Hawthorne Drive   Frankton Queenstown Friday 10th Aug from 6.00pm to 7.30pm
Registration also at Remarkables from 10.00 - 11.00 Saturday 11th 2018          
Start time 12.00pm Saturday 11th Aug 2018
Race Briefing at Remarkables Base Building 11.15 am

General information and rules:
Ski:  Helmets compulsory. All competitors MUST be on the ski lift to get to the start of the race before 11.45am. Competitors must arrange for ski equipment to be brought down off the Remarkables
Kayak: Kayaks may be dropped at Frankton Beach, with security from 9.30am. Life jackets must be worn on paddle section. Boats must have buoyancy installed. Helmets not required
Bike: Any bike may be used for Stage 5 up to Coronet Peak (but only one bike - no change overs)
Bibs:  Non return of bibs will incur a $30 charge
Support Crew: Limited to 2 cars per individual/team. Snow chains recommended. NO Stopping on highways to assist/watch competitors, and restricted stopping (only in Chain Bays) on Coronet Peak access road. Please drive with care and safety at all times .
Toilets Available: Remarkables Ski Field, Frankton Beach, Queenstown Beach, Swiss-belResort Coronet Peak and Coronet Peak

 Other Notes
Reserve Day
If severe weather conditions on the scheduled event day precludes us from staging the event, we will stage the event on the following day. In case of a postponement, all race timings will remain the same.

Listen to your local radio stations for event day cancellations or call our office for the latest details: 03 441 8215

Cancellations / Refunds / Reserve day
There will be a refund of 50% up until two weeks prior to the event, and upon notification to the organisers. No refund will be paid for any withdrawals made after this date. There will be no roll over of withdrawn entries to the next year’s event.
If the reserve day should be cancelled due to weather conditions or other circumstances (such as clash with another event) there will be no refunds.

Selling / Swapping Entries & Changes
Competitors may on sell their entry. However no swap over of entries to another person can be accepted prior to notifying the organisers. If racing under someone’s else’s name, you will be disqualified and be ineligible to receive any merit or spot prizes. It is also a safety issue should you be involved in an accident

EMERGENCY CONTACTS  Race Director  0274 967 530
                                        Race Officials at Transitions

Be sure to read the waiver at the bottom of the page


Rules for Junior School Teams  - 10-11-12 yr olds
In 2016 we allowed for the first time Juniors to compete in the Peak to Peak and with great success.
I worked with two mums in Qtn to establish some guidelines for the ‘kids’ racing, which helped take some of the responsibility of me and be sure that the parents were actively involved in with their kids, in the build up and the race.
It was establish that a parent should accompany the kids at all times and in fact we allowed some shorter distances and change overs for the kids (as below)

An example of how it worked is below
The names to the right will be “actively” supervising each child. ie in most cases a parent is actively participating and in the paddling it is recommended a double kayak, or at the minimum a parent paddling alongside the junior competitor. This team chose to do some shorter distances for the kids

Charlotte Muir 10                                                           Critter Nielson (NZSKI COACH)
Harper Souness 10                                                          Scott Souness (parent)
Gigi Thomson    11                                                          Matt Thomson (parent)
Harper will do the downhill and handover to Gigi at the bottom of the hill (in the NZ ski carpark)
KAYAK (tandem kayak)
Zoe Bennetts     10                                                         Keren McSkimming (parent)

Todd Vermeir    12                                                           Kris Vermeir (parent)
Phoebe O Donnell 10                                                      Kris Vermeir (parent)
Todd will run to the old Shooter Pub area and handover to Phoebe
Samuel Muir 9                                                                   Victoria Robertson (parent)
Charlotte Muir   10                                                           Ali Cooke (Cookies MTB coaching)
Change point may vary - but please respect that the road is active with cars going both directions



All entrants in the Peak to Peak must sign the entry form, and hereby acknowledge they have read and understood the release below, and that they fully accept the terms and conditions set forth herein on behalf of themselves, their representative, heirs, assigns and next of kin.

 1.I acknowledge that there are risks inherent in the Event and that I may sustain losses from my participation therein. Pursuant to this release, I voluntarily agree to assume (for myself,my representatives, heirs, assigns, and next of kin) all such risks, foreseeable or otherwise, and hereby release the Southern Traverse (2005) Ltd, the organisation team and all persons and entities connected with the Event from any liability for any and all losses whatsoever, whatever the cause, that I may sustain. My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me in the Event is intended to apply to any and all losses no matter how the loss (or losses) is (or are) caused. My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me in the Event is intended to cover any loss or losses caused by a negligent act or a negligent failure to act. I release and discharge the Southern Traverse (2005)  Ltd, the Southern Traverse organisation and all persons and entities connected with the Event from any and all claims that arise as the result of loss, property damage, injury, illness or death to me in the Event.

2. I hereby authorise and grant the Southern Traverse (2005) Ltd, the Southern Traverse organisation and their related companies and assignees the right to edit, publish copyright and use, in perpetuity, any and all information, photographs, video and films in which I appear.

3. We agree to the event organiser collecting the personal data provided above, retaining and using these details for the purpose of event administration and notification of future similar events (given in accordance of the Privacy Act 1993).

Course Details

STAGE ONE        Ski/ Board 2 kms        approx fastest time 4 mins
Run down to equipment and then a ski or board down to the bottom of ski course. Please ensure that you pass slowly through the marked timing area at the bottom of the run with all your equipment and your bib on. Ensure that your number is recorded..
Note: ski start varies according to snow.

Rules        *  Start to be determined by snow cover
                 *  Helmets are now compulsory (either snow or bike helmets, snow helmets preferably)
                 *  Travel to start by chair lift.
                    MUST be on the chairlift by 11.45am and at start line before 12.00noon
                 *  Lay skis and boards out where indicated at this point
                 *  Line up as indicated
Notes        *  We’re not able to take skis down the mountain and take no responsibility for any loss
                 *  Competitors must arrange for ski equipment to be brought down off the Remarkables.
                 *  The Remarkables Ski Patrol are responsible for the ski safety, course clearing and design.
                 When the ski leg takes place on Homeward Bound, and if there is a risk of avalanche above where the support crew usually park for this transition, no cars will be     
                 allowed to park in this area.
Marshals    * At the stairs at the end of Homeward Bound

STAGE TWO        Mtn Bike 17 kms            approx fastest time 23 mins
Mountain bike from bottom of ski course down the access road to Frankton Beach.  
This is a mountain road with no guardrails in some cases. It may have snow and ice on the upper sections while the lower sections can be corrugated and rough. Beware of your speed, you may be going faster than you think. At the bottom turn right onto to State Highway 6 and bike along to Kawarau Bridge.
Competitors must cross the Kawarau Bridge using the footpath only. Turn left immediately after the bridge - up a short section then down to the waterfront. The end of this section is on the Frankton Beach

Rules        * Helmets must be worn
                * Competitors must ride single file unless passing
                Road is closed for uphill traffic only from approximately 11.30 - 12.30 (a road patroller  will be in charge of the closure and its exact timing) but we       
                cannot guarantee no traffic at all.  So respect the road rules
                * Ride with respect to the conditions
Notes       * The access road is open to assistants traveling downhill during the event  
                *  Drivers please be very aware of cyclists passing you on the road
                *  St Johns follow the competitors down the road
                * Normal road rules apply on the mtn road & on State Hwy 6
                * Only one car per team / individual allowed in to Frankton Beach car park
Marshals  * State Hwy 6 / Remarkables Rd intersection
                * Kawarau Bridge (footpath)

STAGE THREE    Paddle 7 kms             approx fastest time 35 mins
Paddle Frankton Beach to Queenstown. Beware of the rocks just on and under the water surface rounding the peninsula. The finish of this stage is on the Queenstown Beach.    
Rough Weather Alternative 1: paddle from far end of Frankton Beach up the shore line to finish at end of walking track or small stone jetty in the Narrows
Rough weather Alternative 2: if it is deemed ‘too rough’ for paddling a run will be substituted.
Rules       * Life jackets compulsory
               * Raise paddle for assistance
               * Minimum of 3 Safety boats on the lake (1 * KJet, 1* ‘’Traverse’ boat + 2 jet skis)
               *  Competitors must assist any other competitor in trouble on the lake    
Notes      * Kayaks can be dropped off at Frankton Beach with security from 9.30am
               * Recommended parking in Queenstown in Ice Skating Parking Area (Park St)
               * Kayak pick up area is provided in the ‘no parking’ coned areas in Marine Parade
Marshals * At the beach front, by the Memorial gate

STAGE FOUR    Run 9 kms                approx fastest time 28 mins

Competitors must turn left from the main beach, and run along a coned off area on Marine Parade, Rees Street and across via the pedestrian crossing into Duke Street and into upper Camp Street and Isle Street to join Gorge Road . Using footpaths and pedestrian crossings where available. Run on the left hand side of Gorge Road on gravel track to the Swiss Bell-Resort Coronet

Rules     * Please follow road and pedestrian rules
              * Be aware of traffic on roads, especially at intersections
              * Take all due care crossing roads - no right of way
              *  Run on gravel track up Gorge Road (not in the road)
Notes     * Only one car per team / individual allowed in to Coronet Alpine Hotel car park
Marshals * Horn Creek / Camp St / Stanley St / Shotover - Stanley St intersection

STAGE FIVE        Road Cycle 9 kms        approx fastest time 35 mins
From Coronet Alpine Hotel car park to Coronet Peak ski area. Finish on snow at Coronet Peak.

Rules     * Normal road cycling rules apply    
              * Helmets must be worn        
              * Any style of bike can be used        
              * Bikes cannot be changed during the stage        
Notes     * Assistants/Competitors do not have parking privileges at Coronet Peak, please park sensibly
Marshals * On the snow

FINISH LINE:        On the snow Coronet Peak

PRIZE GIVING:        At Coronet Peak
Trophies for: 1st Individual Male, 1st Individual Female, 1st Vet Male, 1st Open Team, and 1st Vet Team.
Prizes for 1st place getters, 2nd place getters (when field of more than 7 in category) and third (when field of more than 10 in category), and spot prizes.


Winners List - 23 years - download

Open Division Winners
'94 Ian Edmond                Jacinda Amey
'95 Steve Gurney              Sue Carnaham (Webster)
'96 Hadyn Key                  Suzanne Foster
'97 Steve Gurney              Kristina Strode-Penny  (Kristina Anglem)
'98 Sebestian Smith          Sue Bradley
'99 Steve Gurney              Sue Carnahan (Webster)
'00 Hadyn Key                  Bernice Lepper
'01 Haydn Key                  Jo Cavaragh
'02 H.Key / R.Ussher         Rachel Barton
'03 Richard Ussher            Kerry Fitzgibbon
'04 Glenn Roberts              Erin Greene        
'05 Richard Ussher             Emily Miazga
'06 Mark Williams              Melanie Smith (Moran)
'07 Dougal Allan                Sarah Fairmaid
'08 Glen Currie                  Louisa Davis (Huse)
'09 Dougal Allan                 Joanna Williams
'10 Adam Milne                  Simone Maier
'11 Dougal Allan                Simone Maier
'12 Adam Milne                  Joanna Williams
'13 Braden Currie              Genevieve Matthews  
’14 Dougal Allan                Joanna Williams
’15 Hamish Fleming           Joanna Williams
'16 Hamish Fleming           Joanna Williams
'17 Hamish Fleming           Kat Bulk

Ind Males 13                 Ind Female  18

the peak to peak times since ‘01

Some fastest times since ‘01        
Men  ‘01    2.01.35    Haydn Key            Women       3.09.00        Jo Cavaragh
        ‘02    2.09.34    H.Key / R.Ussher                      2.48.32        Rachel Barton
        ‘03    2.08.04    Richard Ussher                         2.57.26        Kerry Fitzgibbon
        ‘04    2.34.07    Glenn Roberts                          3.09.37        Erin Greene
        ‘05    2.07.03    Richard Ussher                         3.02 28        Emily Miazga
        ‘06    2.27.37    Marc Williams                           2.43.43        Melanie Smith
        ‘07    2.17.06    Dougal Allan                             2.41.20        Sarah Fairmaid
        ‘08    2.21.39    Glen Currie                               2.50.14        Louisa Davis
        ‘09    2.19.13    Dougal Allan                             2.47.49        Joanna Williams
        ‘10    2.16.14    Adam Milne                               2.37.58        Simone Maie
        ’11    2:20:52   Dougal Allan                              2.31.08        Simone Maie
        ’12    2:09:31   Adam Milne                               2:34:35        Joanna Williams
        ’13    2:06:05   Braden Currie                            3:02:01        Genevieve Matthews
        ’14    2.05.28   Dougal Allan                               2.28.47        Joanna Williams
        ’15    2:15:10   Hamish Fleming                         2:43:15        Joanna Williams
 **   '16    2:11:19   Hamish Fleming                          2:31:27       Joanna Williams
        ’17   2:16:57    Hamish Fleming                         2:51:24        Josie Cederman 
        '18    2:15:37  Chris Forne                                 2:26:05       Joanna Williams
** approx times

Vet Men   
        ‘01    2.24.25    Kevin Smith                     
        ‘02    2:24.50    Kevin Smith                .
        ‘03    2.31.51    Bill Godsall                
        ‘04    2.32.37    Eric Billoud                
        ‘05    2.30.18    Ray Hope                
        ‘06    2.39.05    Eric Billoud                                Junior        
        ‘07    2.29.30    Ray Hope                                  ‘10    2.54.40        Blake Luff
        “08    2.34.38    Ray Hope                
        ‘09    2:43:22    Eric Billoud                              Vet Women
        ‘10    2.29.15  Brett Leyden                              ‘10     3.20.11        Moira Finlin
        ’11    2.31.19     Brett Leyden      
        ’12 2:33:32    Pete Sharlott
        ’14 2.17.53 Bob Mclachlan
        ’15 2:32:13  Shaun Portegys
        ’16 2:59:44  Shaun Portegys
        ’17 2:40:51   Shaun Portegys

Team Open   
        '01    1.55.21    Qtn Physio
        ‘02    1:58.36    Qtn Physio Bio
        ‘03    2.08.34  Qtn Physio Bio.
        ‘04    2.06.51    Juice TV
        ‘05    2.06.41    Pulse Cycle Surgery
        ‘06    2.06.50    Browns Avanti plus/Ra bar
        ‘07    2.08.06    PhysioMed Open
        “08    2.08.47    The Mob
        ‘09    2:06:16    Outside Sports Queenstown
        ‘10    2.02.51    Fergburger
        ’11    2.03.06    Fergburger
        ’12     2.02.07    Where Gavin

Team Business                                                                      Team Women
         ‘01    2.46.34    Skyline                                                  2.40.54        Carlson’s
        ‘02    2.21.00    AJ Hackett Bungy                                    2.32.21        Williams/Clark..
        ‘03    2.31.17    AJ Hackett Bungy                                    2.41.14        Paper Plus Peddlers
        ‘04    2.29.30    ODHB PTs                                               2.53.12        Wanaka Physiotherapy
        ‘05    2.50.35    Cook Adam & Co                                     2.56.55         Element chicks
        ‘06    2.40.13    Southern Lakes Real Estate                      2.29.37        Top Sport Hot as
        ‘07    2.31.25    Naylor Love Construction                         2.35.14        R & R Sport Dunedin Chicks
        “08    2.28.22    Grmupy Old Men & Jack                          2.42.28        2 many Chiefs, not enough Indians
        ‘09      2.31 33    Reno 111 (Qtn Police)                            2:32:39        Smashing it in the dog
        ‘10    2.29.27    Aotea Electric                                          2.31.10        Fluoro
        ’11    2.26.42    Dunstan High Five                                   2.36.33        Cardrona Women
Team Mixed  
        ‘02    2.09.03    Resort Radio/Qtn     
        ‘03    2.32.05    Chop Sui    
        ‘04    2.40.37    Team Huxtables                                     School Team
        ‘05    2.16.02    Qtn  Chiropractic    School                     ‘09    2.55.07        Keep the carrots coming
        ‘06    2.11.16    PhysioMed Manipulators                        ‘10    2.30.59        Mt Aspiring College
        ‘07    2.15.41    PhysioMed Mixed
        ‘08    2.20.09    4 Hounds and a fox
        ‘09    2:15:47    Team Sportbase
        ‘10    2.12.55    Team Greenacres
        ’11    2.38.00    teca    

Team Veteran    
        ‘09    2:16:29    Browns Avanti Plus/     Team Veteran Women  3:48:47      Take a break
        ‘10    2.16.34    Browns Avanti Plus
        ’11    2.14.34    Avanti Plus Dunedin
        ’12    2.12.59    Avanti Plus Dunedin


Download pdf of the above



Photos, editorial, interviews with athletes available from Southern Traverse.
If you are a journalist, producer or film crew interested in covering the Torpedo7 Peak to Peak please contact the Southern Traverse office for further information.

The media kit contains all the information required to get into the action spots - the Photo and Film Opportunities, the history of the event and an event outline.

Click on this link below to download .

Media Kit 2017