Course Details

STAGE ONE        Ski/ Board 2 kms        approx fastest time 4 mins
Run down to equipment and then a ski or board down to the bottom of ski course. Please ensure that you pass slowly through the marked timing area at the bottom of the run with all your equipment and your bib on. Ensure that your number is recorded..
Note: ski start varies according to snow.

Rules        *  Start to be determined by snow cover
                 *  Helmets are now compulsory (either snow or bike helmets, snow helmets preferably)
                 *  Travel to start by chair lift.
                    MUST be on the chairlift by 11.45am and at start line before 12.00noon
                 *  Lay skis and boards out where indicated at this point
                 *  Line up as indicated
Notes        *  We’re not able to take skis down the mountain and take no responsibility for any loss
                 *  Competitors must arrange for ski equipment to be brought down off the Remarkables.
                 *  The Remarkables Ski Patrol are responsible for the ski safety, course clearing and design.
                 When the ski leg takes place on Homeward Bound, and if there is a risk of avalanche above where the support crew usually park for this transition, no cars will be     
                 allowed to park in this area.
Marshals    * At the stairs at the end of Homeward Bound

STAGE TWO        Mtn Bike 17 kms            approx fastest time 23 mins
Mountain bike from bottom of ski course down the access road to Frankton Beach.  
This is a mountain road with no guardrails in some cases. It may have snow and ice on the upper sections while the lower sections can be corrugated and rough. Beware of your speed, you may be going faster than you think. At the bottom turn right onto to State Highway 6 and bike along to Kawarau Bridge.
Competitors must cross the Kawarau Bridge using the footpath only. Turn left immediately after the bridge - up a short section then down to the waterfront. The end of this section is on the Frankton Beach

Rules        * Helmets must be worn
                * Competitors must ride single file unless passing
                Road is closed for uphill traffic only from approximately 11.30 - 12.30 (a road patroller  will be in charge of the closure and its exact timing) but we       
                cannot guarantee no traffic at all.  So respect the road rules
                * Ride with respect to the conditions
Notes       * The access road is open to assistants traveling downhill during the event  
                *  Drivers please be very aware of cyclists passing you on the road
                *  St Johns follow the competitors down the road
                * Normal road rules apply on the mtn road & on State Hwy 6
                * Only one car per team / individual allowed in to Frankton Beach car park
Marshals  * State Hwy 6 / Remarkables Rd intersection
                * Kawarau Bridge (footpath)

STAGE THREE    Paddle 7 kms             approx fastest time 35 mins
Paddle Frankton Beach to Queenstown. Beware of the rocks just on and under the water surface rounding the peninsula. The finish of this stage is on the Queenstown Beach.    
Rough Weather Alternative 1: paddle from far end of Frankton Beach up the shore line to finish at end of walking track or small stone jetty in the Narrows
Rough weather Alternative 2: if it is deemed ‘too rough’ for paddling a run will be substituted.
Rules       * Life jackets compulsory
               * Raise paddle for assistance
               * Minimum of 3 Safety boats on the lake (1 * KJet, 1* ‘’Traverse’ boat + 2 jet skis)
               *  Competitors must assist any other competitor in trouble on the lake    
Notes      * Kayaks can be dropped off at Frankton Beach with security from 9.30am
               * Recommended parking in Queenstown in Ice Skating Parking Area (Park St)
               * Kayak pick up area is provided in the ‘no parking’ coned areas in Marine Parade
Marshals * At the beach front, by the Memorial gate

STAGE FOUR    Run 9 kms                approx fastest time 28 mins

Competitors must turn left from the main beach, and run along a coned off area on Marine Parade, Rees Street and across via the pedestrian crossing into Duke Street and into upper Camp Street and Isle Street to join Gorge Road . Using footpaths and pedestrian crossings where available. Run on the left hand side of Gorge Road on gravel track to the Swiss Bell-Resort Coronet

Rules     * Please follow road and pedestrian rules
              * Be aware of traffic on roads, especially at intersections
              * Take all due care crossing roads - no right of way
              *  Run on gravel track up Gorge Road (not in the road)
Notes     * Only one car per team / individual allowed in to Coronet Alpine Hotel car park
Marshals * Horn Creek / Camp St / Stanley St / Shotover - Stanley St intersection

STAGE FIVE        Road Cycle 9 kms        approx fastest time 35 mins
From Coronet Alpine Hotel car park to Coronet Peak ski area. Finish on snow at Coronet Peak.

Rules     * Normal road cycling rules apply    
              * Helmets must be worn        
              * Any style of bike can be used        
              * Bikes cannot be changed during the stage        
Notes     * Assistants/Competitors do not have parking privileges at Coronet Peak, please park sensibly
Marshals * On the snow

FINISH LINE:        On the snow Coronet Peak

PRIZE GIVING:        At Coronet Peak
Trophies for: 1st Individual Male, 1st Individual Female, 1st Vet Male, 1st Open Team, and 1st Vet Team.
Prizes for 1st place getters, 2nd place getters (when field of more than 7 in category) and third (when field of more than 10 in category), and spot prizes.