Rikki Griffen from WILBUR-ELLIS (NZ) LTD has very kindly worked his butt of to get these results tabulated and calculated. He volunteered last year and now knows the nightmare that they can be.

The ski times were alwasy going to be hard with a short / fast ski and many people arriving at once. The mtn bike, paddle and run results are great thanks to spacing and the girls from the Netball team, however the race department (actually park and snowboard team on Coronet) did not record everyone in the first sequence and used a very strange system which caused much nightmare for Rikki and also to get accurate prize giving results


2017 Torpedo7 Category Results

2017 Torpedo7 Overall Results

2016 Torpedo 7 Overall Results

2016 Category Results

2016 All Splits


2015 P2P Category Results Sheet

2015 P2P Overall Results  Overall