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  • 7 August 2018
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Here is a link to the August Newsletter

Here is a link to the August Newsletter

It contains information and news relevant to this years Peak to Peak


PhysioMeds return to Peak to Peak, with Open and Mixed teams
Adrian Hamill wrote this message about their team entries

After a ten year break (2007) with major disruption in Christchurch earthquakes business changes etc, traveling to race has been off the radar. This years Peak to Peak was suggested by Dougal Alan who said he would be keen if I wanted to put him in a team, so I had a ring around current patients got the bones of a team and then Dougal unfortunately has to be overseas that weekend, I figured Geoff wouldn't be keen to change the weekend, even for Dougal.

So We have two teams, not completely finalised yet and some slots may change.

Four returned form the winning 2007 season topped up with some children.

Skier Sam Minell  has skied for us a few times and has a long history in skiing and dH biking
"I have been resting for 10 years so as to not go in to this race overcooked, and worked on ballast to add 10kg around the middle, which should aid in the downhill speed. "

The paddlers we have Ian Huntsman and Wendy Riach returning, between them they have way too many titles and fasted paddle times to mention and to be prepared we have sent them in a six week overseas training block in Alaska. They with be competing at the Yukon river quest 500 mile race, having two weeks off paddling a canoe then defending there title at the Yukon1000 mile race. We may have to send them on a lap around the lake for a warm up before the race.

The run brings in the first of the teams new blood, with Fionn Cullinane. New to running she however managed a 3rd in Qtown 1/2.

Cyclists we have Odelius Ruegg an accomplished runner who has to bike as no one else wants to, and just in case the Open team gets too far ahead we have Tyrone Hellyer biking for the Mixed team, he did his first full length tri at challenge Wanaka and managed a second.

Still to confirm the second skier and downhill cyclist, may try to get someone who can bike the flat without stopping for a rest.