Competitor Questions

  • 8 August 2017
  • Torpedo7 PEAK TO PEAK

The ski Route is on Calyspo....

The ski Route is on Calyspo....

Questions & Answers

Re calypso can we take the direct route ? (waterfall)
A. No - competitors must stay on the trail

Q. Just wondering about the rules for the ski leg? Is it necessary to use skis or a snowboard or are other modes of transport acceptable, eg a sled etc?
A. any sliding equipment is accepted but a sled must be tied to the racer

Q. For the kayak, is it ok to use a surf ski? or are there any restrictions on the type of kayak used?
A. No restrictions on kayaks

Q: Will there be time for someone to ski the first section and then drive down to the kayak section before their partner (doing the first bike section) arrives, or is the road closed or the biking too fast?
A: The connection is extremely tight and not recommended. Find another kayaker or use the 'virtual kayaker' ie throw your bib over the next departing kayak and pick it up again in Queenstown Beach.

Q.Just wondering if there are any rules on using iPods or Mp3 players in any of the P2P legs?
A. The answer is No ipods or MP3 players allowed

Q. Do you have to buy a ski pass for the day to get to the start line or do you have an agreement that allows competitors access to the start line.
A. The bib allows competitors one lift on the chair to get to the start line

Q: What is the kayak course if the lake is too rough?
A: If the conditions on the lake are too rough, we shorten the kayak leg from Frankton beach to just before the Gardens area so we stay on the Frankton arm rather than around the gardens to Qtn Beach. We advise paddlers to stay close to the shore.
If the winds are too strong and it is borderline dangerous, we would change the leg into a run along the Frankton track.

Q.: Do I have to wear the bib on the outside for the lake section.
A:  Yes please. I know some don’t like the xtra time it takes but it is much easier identifying you in photos for the press or when the rescue boat pulls you aboard.

Q: Can you please confirm how many of us need to be there for the registration at
Torpedo 7 on Friday from 6pm to 8pm, and how many for the briefing up the Remarks on Saturday morning (from 10am to 11am sharp).
A: One person need to register at Torpedo 7 and then just the skier and downhill mtn biker needed at the briefing at the Remarks. The members not attending the briefing must read the written one available on the web site.