Rules for Junior School Teams - 10-11-12 yr olds

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  • 24 July 2018
  • ghunt
  • Torpedo7 PEAK TO PEAK

The rules for the Junior School teams is in the Competitors briefing section - here

The rules for the Junior School teams is in the Competitors briefing section - here


Rules for Junior School Teams  - 10-11-12 yr olds
In 2016 we allowed for the first time Juniors to compete in the Peak to Peak and with great success.
I worked with two mums in Qtn to establish some guidelines for the ‘kids’ racing, which helped take some of the responsibility of me and be sure that the parents were actively involved in with their kids, in the build up and the race.
It was establish that a parent should accompany the kids at all times and in fact we allowed some shorter distances and change overs for the kids (as below)

An example of how it worked is below
The names to the right will be “actively” supervising each child. ie in most cases a parent is actively participating and in the paddling it is recommended a double kayak, or at the minimum a parent paddling alongside the junior competitor. This team chose to do some shorter distances for the kids

Charlotte Muir 10                                                           Critter Nielson (NZSKI COACH)
Harper Souness 10                                                          Scott Souness (parent)
Gigi Thomson    11                                                          Matt Thomson (parent)
Harper will do the downhill and handover to Gigi at the bottom of the hill (in the NZ ski carpark)
KAYAK (tandem kayak)
Zoe Bennetts     10                                                         Keren McSkimming (parent)

Todd Vermeir    12                                                           Kris Vermeir (parent)
Phoebe O Donnell 10                                                      Kris Vermeir (parent)
Todd will run to the old Shooter Pub area and handover to Phoebe
Samuel Muir 9                                                                   Victoria Robertson (parent)
Charlotte Muir   10                                                           Ali Cooke (Cookies MTB coaching)
Change point may vary - but please respect that the road is active with cars going both directions